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We’re back with the much-awaited Digital Educator Summit by Graphy - a virtual convergence featuring a star-studded lineup of the brightest minds who have successfully built disruptive online businesses and scaled manifolds.
You can expect information-rich keynote sessions, virtual panels, and live demos of the most recommended platforms, while you engage in fun activities for a quality experience. Through this 3-hour-long event, we aim to bring you closer to the experts you admire so that you too can begin building your knowledge empires online.


Avi Arya

Social Media Marketer | Founder, Internet Moguls

Avi Arya is a father of 2 girls, 6 dogs, husband to a superwoman, a streetcar racer turned hotelier, now a social media marketer, the founder of Internet Moguls who lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Kunal Malhotra

Photography Coach and Content Creator

Kunal Malhotra is a socially renowned photographer with 10+ years of practical photography experience. Kunal specializes in teaching, influencing and motivating photography enthusiasts by the means of his YouTube channel, one of the most-watched photography channel in the country. He has conducted hundreds of webinars, photography walks and workshops on various genres of photography and content creation.

Aryan Tripathi

Marketing Consultant | Founder, Adymize

Aryan Tripathi is a digital entrepreneur and a marketing consultant. He is the founder of Adymize, a Bengaluru-based performance marketing agency. They are serving clients worldwide and a majority of them belong to the Ed-Tech category.

Jitesh Manwani

Video Sales Specialists | Founder and CEO - JMAC

Mr Jitesh Manwani started training in the year 2010. He is a Video Sales Specialist who has helped many businesses to grow in a few months; he helps thousands of entrepreneurs every month through his online sessions and videos.

Digital Miithyl

Digital Coach and Content Strategist

Miithyl is a Digital Coach, Content Strategist & Content Creator, having 17+ Years of business eperience in training & coaching with 12 years in Online Content Creation and Digital Coaching.  Miithyl has helped 15000+ solopreneurs to build their Digital-Empire through high converting Content Marketing like podcasts and Video Making. He is on a mission to help Solopreneurs, Artists & Coaches to build their Digital Empire with Content Marketing Strategies.

Rhea Punjabi

Online Course Specialist and Career Coach

Rhea Punjabi is an online course specialist and a career coach. She has impacted over 12,000 lives in the last six years through her coaching programs. She has been featured in over 40 publications like Entrepreneur, The Hindu, Times Life, Mumbai Mirror etc for her work.


Welcome Session

1-hour session with our Keynote Speaker Mr. Avi Arya. Followed by a round of live Q&A.

11:00 AM onwards

Speaker Session

30 mins power pack session with Mr. Jitesh Manwani. Followed by a Q&A round.

12:30 PM onwards

Panel Discussion

Interactive panel discussion with industry experts. Followed by Live Q&A.

01:00 PM onwards

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