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We’re back with the much-awaited Digital Educator Summit - The Coaching Mastery by Graphy - a virtual convergence featuring a star-studded lineup of the brightest minds who have successfully built disruptive online businesses and scaled manifolds.

Join us in this virtual convergence featuring remarkable women entrepreneurs and educators who have transformed industries. Our lineup includes experts who have established themselves as a Dermatologist Educator, Corporate Trainer, Investment Manager & Educator, Founders & Co-Founders in Social Media, Affiliate, Marketing Agencies as well as Six Figure Coaches.

You can expect information-rich keynote sessions, virtual panels, and live demos of the most recommended platforms, while you engage in fun activities for a quality experience. Through this 3-hour-long event, we aim to bring you closer to the experts you admire so that you too can begin building your knowledge empires online.


Diksha Khatri

English Communication Coach

A communication coach with a background in psychology, Diksha employs innovative and engaging techniques and fun, non-traditional ways that she's developed gaining experience with dozens of students, to help people have engaging conversations.
She helps people achieve fluency in their communication and gain confidence with a single aim — to help them become the best version of themselves..

Ajeet Bisen

CPA (California), Microbiome Man - Health Coach

Ajeet Bisen is a Certified Public Accountant based in Australia, started his health journey in 2010 after developing several lifestyle diseases. Dissatisfied with the side effects of the prescribed medicines,he took control his health and lost 25 kilograms by making lifestyle changes. Also committed to removing harmful chemicals, promoting holistic well-being, His expertise, especially on the microbiome, has garnered gratitude, even from medical professionals among my students.

Dr. Saloni Singh

Coach for Leaders, CEOs & Coaches

She is a Master Practitioner in NLP, mental well-being catalyst, Mindfulness Trainer.
She’s an Author of the book - How to stop overthinking in 3 minutes.
She’s qualified in life coaching & neurosciences from London, UK, she brings the best of the eastern and western teachings for mental and spiritual growth. She works with leaders both 1:1 and in groups to enhance leadership skills and lead impactfully.

Upendra Gulipilli

Co-Founder and CTO of Frontlines Edutech

Mr. Upendra, the son of an autorickshaw driver, now stands tall as the Co-Founder and CTO of Frontlines Edutech, proving that beginnings don’t define our destinations. His journey, from a keen learner at Tata Consultancy Services to an inspiring educational leader, has been fueled by an unyielding spirit and a constant pursuit of knowledge. His belief in continual learning propelled him through the tech industry and led him to create Frontlines Edutech, where he not only spearheads technological innovations but also personally ensures students are industry-ready by training them in Java Full Stack. Upendra and his team at Frontlines Edutech are not just teaching; they’re making education a fun, affordable, and accessible journey for everyone, adding a dash of enjoyment through unique movie meme-based learning experiences. His story is a powerful beacon of hope, teaching us that with persistence, learning, and a bit of creativity, you can transform dreams into reality.

Monica Thomas

Founder, Whiteforest Academy

Founder of WhiteForest academy, an endeavour dedicated to human brain, memory power and the learning skill.
MCA by qualification, I have 20+years of experience in teaching computer science, programming languages & database management system.
Currently she is an edupreneur who has transformed the passion of teaching into a business opportunity. I’m currently dedicated to my passion of Creative learning and memory training.
She has been appointed as an Executive member of the World Memory Championship 2023 Organising Committee.
Author of the book “No one teaches how to learn”, just getting it set on


Welcome Session

1-hour session with our Keynote Speaker Diksha Khatri. Followed by a round of live Q&A.

11.00 AM onwards

Guest Session

30 mins power packed session from Guest Upendra Gulipilli. Followed by an Intro to Graphy by the team itself.

11.40 AM onwards

Panel Discussion

Interactive panel discussion with industry experts. Followed by Live Q&A.

1.00 PM onwards

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